The Pros And Cons Of Streaming TV Shows And Movies Online

For years, you won’t find a home that didn’t have cable or satellite TV. With such services, you can get your fill of your favorite TV shows and popular and classic movies. Of course, you have to be mindful of the time they will be shown and scheduled replays, if there are any, so that you won’t miss them.

Nearly all people relied on these services in the past. However, this number has been gradually reducing over the years due to another option that allows people to watch their favorite TV shows and movies in the comforts of their home and basically, anywhere they are at any time of the day or night: online streaming.

By subscribing to an online streaming service and connecting to the Internet, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your device. Aside from your TV set, you can use your computer or laptop, tablet, and smartphone to view your show or film of choice.

Although online streaming offers various perks to a TV and movie buff, there are still some disadvantages to this service as well. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of streaming TV shows and movies online:


• Personalized viewing. With a streaming service, you can choose which shows and movies you want to watch anytime. As long as it has been shown on the big and small screen, you can view this when you log on to your streaming service account. With the right subscription, you can watch shows without any annoying and disruptive commercials. Most online streaming services will also recommend movies and TV shows that you might like based on your viewing history. Of course, you have the option of watching them or not.

• They are affordable. Cable and satellite service providers can charge you hundreds of dollars for a year’s subscription. Online streaming services, on the other hand, are less expensive; depending on the service you choose, you can pay for a month’s services somewhere between ten to twenty dollars.

• Their services are flexible. Lastly, cable and satellite companies can lock you into strict annual contracts. Online streaming services are very flexible. You can sign up for and cancel your subscription anytime without paying for any termination fees or penalties.


• High-speed Internet is important. If you want to have uninterrupted viewing without the video constantly buffering, you will need to have good, fast Internet connection all the time. If you currently have a slow one, you may have to upgrade your plan to something that is faster and more expensive.

• You have to make sure you have the right device. Although you may already have a desktop computer or laptop, a tablet, or smartphone which you can use, if you want to watch your favorite shows and movies on a large screen, you will have to check if your current TV set has Internet connection capabilities. If not, you will have to invest in a new one.

Top 5 Most Popular Martial Arts Actors Born in the UK Or USA

Whenever there is action, that means that there are not only car chases, explosions, shootings and guns but also fists, punches and roundkicks. Many of the martial arts actors in the Funny Action Movie genre master a huge collection of deadly techniques, which they use in close combat scenes.

In fact, most of these martial arts actors used to compete in official tournaments at the very dawn of their acting careers and then they used the fame gained to establish themselves in the cinema industry. More or less (in most cases more) the martial arts are taking a huge part in their lives.

What a better way to become an action star when there is a real, heart pounding action in your life, right?

Here is a list of the top five martial arts actors a.k.a. killing machines, who can terminate you with their bare hands. These machos have a proven record in the real life fighting world and they based their movie careers on the martial arts knowledge.

1.Bruce Lee (1940-1973)

A lot of things were said and written about probably the most influential figure in the martial arts movie industry. Where exactly the fiction meets reality can sometimes be difficult to determine but one thing leaves no doubt- Bruce Lee had kung fu in his blood. The man was breathing martial arts.

Many people don’t know that Lee Jun Fan (as his real name was) was an accomplished cha-cha dancer and championship winner. Officially, he had only five years of formal martial arts training under the guidance of another legend- “Sifu Yip Man”.

Yip Man taught Bruce the art of wing chun kung fu- a self defense technique from close range combat. By the way, if you haven’t seen the three Yip Man movies starring Donnie Yen, you definitely might want to check them out. Believe me it is well worth your time.

Because of his hot temper and the police issues he had in Hong Kong, his parents suggested him to try his luck in the United States where he was initially born.

While he was living in America, Lee opened a kung fu school and eventually became associated with many key figures in the U.S. martial arts scene. Soon he was noticed by famous Hollywood producers. The rest is a history.

His genuine talent and unbelievable speed has established him as a leading authority in the mixed martial arts and cinema scenes.

Among the most memorable movies, revealing his magical martial arts techniques are “Enter the Dragon”, “The Way of the Dragon” and “Fists of Fury”. And yes, those are great funny action movies.

2.Michael Jai White (1967)

3rd dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, 3rd dan Black Belt in Goju Ryu,3rd degree Black Belt in Kyokushin, 2nd degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, 1st degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do. Do you still wonder why Michael Jai White takes part in this prestigious martial arts actors list?

If you still do, then let me tell you that the muscular build international box office sensation has eight black belts in eight different martial arts forms. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? The man is no joke at all.

Honored with the title Man of the Year by the popular “Black Belt” magazine in 2014 and inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame in 2015, Michael Jai White is allegedly the most accomplished, highly trained action star in America.

Michael also often does comedy and drama movies which makes him a pretty versatile artist.

I strongly suggest that you check out Blood and Bone, Never Back Down: No Surrender, and Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing.

3. Chuck Norris (1940)

Don’t worry, he is in the list, don’t rush to kill me, please.

By the way, did you know that Chuck Norris has already been to Mars and that is why there are no signs of life?

OK let’s get serious here.

It is just impossible not to include in the list the first ever Westerner in the history of the Tae Kwon Do, honored with the rank of 8th degree Black Belt Grand Master title.

During his impressive martial arts career, Carlos Ray Norris has won numerous tournaments. His name is also in the Martial Arts History Museum’s Hall of Fame. He was several times on the cover of the Black Belt magazine and in 2000, Chuck Norris has been given the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award by the World Karate Union Hall of Fame.

He also has a rich and successful military career with many different medals and honorary awards.

In his movies, he is rarely even wounded and he kicks tough asses for breakfast.

In case you have missed to watch the legendary on screen fight between Chuck and Bruce Lee in the funny action movie called “Way of the dragon”, please watch it. It is superb.

Another legendary actioners (the list is huge) starring Chuck Norris are “The Delta Force”, “Missing in Action” and lately “Expendables 2”.

4. Steven Seagal (1952)

You surely remember how brightly The Master of Aikido shines in “Under Siege” and “Above the Law”. Steven can easily break your arms like if they are toothpicks.

Lord Steven, as one of his nickname is, holds a 7th degree black belt in Aikido- a Japanese martial art which teaches how to harmonize your moves to your opponent’s body motions (or attacks). The idea of this martial art form is to defend yourself without hurting your attacker.

Well, at least in his movies, Steven Seagal doesn’t follow this rule because all of his opponents die painfully.

What is interesting about this iconic actor is the fact that he is the first ever foreigner to open a dojo in Japan where he is a respected Aikido instructor.

Steven is also a well-known musician who travels the world with his band and some time ago he was a Reserve Deputy Chief in Louisiana Sheriff’s office.

5. Scott Adkins (1976)

The most complete fighter in the world “Yuri Boyka”, a.k.a. Scott Adkins was born in the United Kingdom in 1976.

He holds a black belt in kickboxing, which he achieved when he was only 19 years old. His spectacular martial arts skills come from knowing ninjutsu, judo, Karate, jujutsu, wushu, Krav Maga, capoeira and Jeet Kun Do. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty impressed!

Scott Adkins is mostly known for his stunningly beautiful and complex fight choreography in the smashing hit “Undisputed 2: Last man standing” and the followed sequel” Undisputed 3: Redemption”.

The fans are impatiently waiting the fourth installment of the franchise and the third with Scott starring in it. The direct-to-video movie is coming on 17th January 2017 in the U.S.A. (“Boyka: Undisputed IV”). All of the four movies were shot in Bulgaria.

Scott’s heart stopping martial arts skills have gained him mainstream success and roles in various mainstream blockbusters like “Expendables 2”, “Doctor Strange”, “The Bourne Ultimatum” and many others.

Classic Sitcom Characters Who Spend An Episode As Either An Umpire Or Referee

It is not only the baseball players who are packing up to head to either Florida or Arizona for Spring Training, but another group of men crucial to the game. They will not have quite as much gear to pack as the teams do, probably a few black pairs of pants, some dark shirts, a mask, shin guards, and a chest protector. Some fans, in addition to many players and managers, might suggest at various points that these guys should have brought some glasses along as well.

This group of professionals heading for the Cactus League or the Grapefruit League this month are of course the umpires. These officials must, like the players and coaches, hone their skills during the pre season exhibition games before Opening Day of the regular season.

While it is difficult to hit with a slender bat a ball traveling at one hundred miles an hour, umpires might have an even harder job. Every split second decision could drastically affect the outcome of a game, a fact that puts tremendous pressure on umpires.

To demonstrate just how difficult it is to call a baseball game, one need only look at episodes of various classic sitcoms. Some of the most well liked characters on the shows have been victims of verbal abuse by their friends or families after having taken on the task of umpiring or refereeing a sports contest.

Here are five of the most memorable TV characters who found themselves subjected to the unpleasant task of being a sports official.

Andy Griffith in The Andy Griffith Show

The sheriff of Mayberry fell prey to the citizens of that fictional North Carolina town, including his Aunt Bea and his best friend Goober, when he calls out at home plate the sliding runner who would have tied the rival team from Mt. Pilot.

Homer Simpson in The Simpsons

Springfield’s most lovable patriarch faces the shame of his daughter Lisa after he is threatened if he refuses to take a bribe while refereeing an international soccer contest.

Fred Flintstone in The Flintstones

Best friend and next door neighbor Barney Rubble, serving as manager, becomes enraged with Wilma’s husband after Fred the umpire’s call at home plate results in a loss for Bedrock’s baseball team.

Marcy Darcy in Married With Children

Al Bundy’s hopes for a softball trophy take a turn for the worst when he finds out that the female neighbor he habitually ridicules as a chicken is calling the balls and strikes for the championship game.

Boomhauer in King of the Hill

The Hill family’s dear friend while umpiring throws Coach Hank out of the game, and entirely out of the park, in an episode called “Take Me Out To the Ball Game.” It features veteran Major League slugger Kurt Bevaqua, who in 1998 led the San Diego Padres to the World Series.

The Entertainment Industry is Becoming Less Entertaining

The Grammy Awards is another “I love me” show. If you are not one of the “Special People,” you do not get the opportunity to attend or pat yourself on the back while holding a precious Grammy.

Almost weekly, those who believe the public worships them as great and entitled to adoration, hold another award ceremony to prove they are loved and have the ear of the Nation to listen to them spew their hatred on every topic of which they disagree. Those things over which that they have no domination are targets. They attempt to change America through venomous rhetoric and cannot understand most of us could not care less for their opinion.

They believe they are anointed to convey and support threats, incite civil disobedience, and influence drooling fans to participate in their delusional antics.

They need all their award ceremonies to maintain their illusion of greatness and of course, enhance their ability to make more money from their adoring fans. These ceremonies are intentional promotional based events designed to allow political discord to be presented and for celebrities to fulfill their role of “Brainless Zombies” to those who control their future.

Those who control the power of the purse string in Hollywood determine who and who will not receive the optimal contracts for the best movies and other projects. They display an iron fist to those who object to their ideology and extend the hand of wealth to those who follow as sheep and use the opportunity of an award ceremony as a platform to relay the talking points designated for that event.

ABC News in January this year reported there was five hundred sixty-four different entertainment industry awards shows in 2016. Thirty-five of these shows were televised nationally. By the numbers, in 2016, thirty-six million people watched the Oscars, twenty-six million the Grammy Awards, ten million the Emmy Awards, and twenty million the Golden Globes. Add social media the number of people exposed to Hollywood and other entertainment rants significantly increase.

An extremely liberal faction that desires to change the Constitution and the American lifestyle have inundated the entertainment industry. They utilize every opportunity to influence how we see American and incite their base to act upon the rants they reinforce weekly through their “I love me,” televised media. They use all forms of media to increase their influence.

Fortunately, there are fewer American’s buying into their dangerous rhetoric; there is a declining interest in award shows, television in general, or buying tickets to the theater to see their movies. From 2012 to 2016, ticket sales at movie theaters in the United States have decreased each year losing annual sales of over six hundred seventy-two million dollars. Data indicate viewers watching movies and television on a TV screen has declined by 13% globally over the past year, and by 11% in the United States.

There is no hard data about the cause for the decline. Perhaps it is economics, possibly it is a loss of interest; people are tired of the rhetoric on both the right and the left; it may be complacency and loss of respect, or maybe; it is the sick heart of America getting sicker. The entertainment industry should take notice before they put themselves out of business. Their rhetoric is one of the reasons behind the decline in viewers. It is growing and unless the industry returns to making movies and television shows their priority, maybe the days of the “Special People” will end. Entertainment was so much more enjoyable when it was entertaining.